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    Philippe Schuler                   USA SOUTHWEST   -  2006 to 2009 trips         (Use F11 for Full Screen)

  These pictures were taken during several trips from 2006 to 2009, when I enjoyed excellent time with my wife Elisabeth, my daughter Flora, and fiends including   Laurent, Tony, Steffen, Isabel, Kent & Suzan, Derek, John, Dave & Kay, Patrick, Thierry. This photo album, still under construction, is purposely mostly focused on
  "off the beaten track" locations. You'll find useful information about these locations in Laurent Martres 's guidebooks "Photographing the Southwest" (3 volumes).
  I'm proud to have collaborated to his series of guidebooks which is a reference for many photographers of the Southwest!
  I also collaborate to the French website with my friend Thierry, where you can find lots of information about many locations in the Southwest.
  I wrote on a forum a roadbook (in French, but including many pictures) about the first 2 weeks of my last trip in 2009, when I visited several seldom seen locations.

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