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  Havasupai is a paradisiac canyon close to Grand Canyon where you can contemplate and photograph at the same time spectacular falls, turquoise pools,
  a clear creek, huge red cliffs and nice greenary. As the access to this remote Indian Reservation is not so easy, you'll have to plan some logistics for your visit :
  the easiest but more expensive way is to catch the helicopter and stay at the lodge in the Supai village, the hardest way is to camp by the falls after at least
  4 hours of walk carrying all your camping stuff and your food for several days (as I did in my 2 Day trip in April 2006), a middle way is to send your packs on a mule.

  My prefered galleries of pictures of Havasupai are from my friend Derek (a professional photographer from Sedona) and can be seen here and here.

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